Veltio’s planning and optimization teams are the most experienced in the industry.  Our client-centered approach ensures tailored configuration for your business needs.  With open communication and expert leadership, Veltio will guide your organization through all project phases and yield rapid return on investment.


Connect high-level business objectives with day-to-day merchandise activities. Oracle’s flexible and easy-to-use financial planning solution enables retailers to efficiently map their high-level, strategic and low-level, detailed financial plans. Veltio’s experts implement this sophisticated solution which uses robust retail science and tune it, creating tailored solutions for some of the world’s most recognized retail brands. The end result is a higher level of business intelligence that allows retailers to execute best-practice planning processes in an efficient, streamlined manner while providing top-down, bottom-up, and middle-out functionality for developing, reconciling, and approving plans.

Typical Merchandise Financial Planning KPI’s:

  • Integrated Forecasting
  • Improved Accuracy
  • Increased Profits
  • Increased Return on Investment
  • Reduced Markdowns

Location Planning is a multidimensional database that can be paired with Merchandise Financial Planning to provide greater clarity on the data aggregation and spread by product, location and calendar.  The application allows planning not only at a location hierarchy, but can also drill down to the product level and encourage department level or above.

With top-down and bottom-up functionality, best practice location planning processes for planning down to store level in an efficient and streamlined manner.  Veltio has successfully integrated Location Planning solutions for organizations like Deckers and Landmark Group.

Location Planning Features:

  • Ability to have placeholder stores
  • Sister Store and Volume Adjustment capability
  • Planning for store closings
  • In-Season Open to Receive (vs Open to Buy in MFP)


Remaining in touch with customers is a key challenge for retailers as their businesses have become significantly more complex with hundreds or even thousands of stores across multiple geographies and channels. Oracle’s AP solution is a highly sophisticated system that uses embedded retail science, such as demand forecasting, store clustering, optimization routines and size profiles to help retailers make better low-level decisions and connect the central office to the customer.  The solution offers the flexibility to create store clusters for any group of products using new and innovative cluster schemes, as opposed to the traditional approach of tying the entire department to clusters. Ultimately, retailers can make better decisions regarding store product offerings nationwide resulting in a more tailored product assortment, reduced inventory, better store performance and increased sales. Veltio’s expert team has successfully customized and implemented this solution for global brands such as AT&T and Deckers.

Typical Assortment Planning KPI’s

  • Increase in Gross Margin Dollars by 1-7%
  • Reduce inventory by 1.5-3%
  • Plan assortments to meet customer demand, maximize sales and customer satisfaction
  • Store assortments that reflect the vision of the assortment strategy
  • Cleaner seasonal transitions and fresher merchandise in the stores
  • Tie assortment from planning to execution

Aligning your inventory decisions to your client’s demand is critical to maximize expenditures and customer satisfaction.  It’s obvious that a flagship store in Manhattan will not sell the same items as a small location in Malibu, but many companies lack the strategies to accurately identify the differences in products, assortment and volume necessary to build a long term strategy.

Veltio’s Oracle’s Size Profile Optimization configuration aims to take these critical factors in inventory into account and bring forth a new, smarter system to ensure that not only are customer’s expectations met, but your organization’s plan in meeting their demand is as efficient and cost effective as possible.  We actively partner with our clients to ensure that our methodology and deliverables are customized to their needs, rather than the other way around some of the larger consultancies do today.


  • We can identify store-level selling patterns across different size ranges to systematically create accurate profiles of size distribution by merchandise category by store
  • We can correct for out-of-stocks and lost sales
  • We can create flexible solutions to optimize size profiles by customer and merchandise attributes
  • We can scrub your historical data and identify the right levels to generate the profiles based on merchandise and store performance
  • We can reduce supply chain costs with less handling in the distribution center

Typical SPO KPI’s

  • 2-5% increase sales
  • 0.5-3% reduction in inventory
  • Working with a user friendly, scalable system that builds the right assortment
  • Store assortments that reflect the vision of the assortment strategy
  • Cleaner seasonal transitions and fresher merchandise in the stores
  • Simplified order processing

Category Management supports the process of determining the volume and type of product assortment to carry, which ultimately defines the customer’s experience. It provides an end-to-end workflow to define and execute a localized assortment mix and tailored flow and shelf space plans that maximize sales opportunities and increase customer satisfaction.

Category Management functionality was developed to address the crucial process of determining four primary merchandising dimensions:

  • Categories of merchandise carried within a store
  • Space allocated to each category of merchandise
  • Assortment of items carried in each category
  • Space allocated to each item in each category

Based on a scalable architecture, Oracle Retail Category Management is an easy-to-configure solution that offers a basic template that does not need for software program customization. Veltio implemented Oracle’s Category Management solution at Eroski in Spain (2011) and we continue to support the solution with a long term support contract.

Typical Category Management KPI’s:

  • Increase sales by 2-5%
  • Improved gross margin by 2-3%
  • Greater customer satisfaction with relevant and in-stock products
  • 5-10% increase in inventory turnover from better assortments and space productivity
  • Competitive differentiation with aligned category roles, strategies, and tactics for assorting, pricing, promotion, and space


Accurately predicting consumer demand is one of the most difficult challenges facing retailers today. Oracle’s RDF solution is designed to handle these challenges, incorporating the variety of customer interactions that impact sales, such as web site launches, new store openings, new product introductions, price and assortment changes, promotions and discontinuation of products. The solution delivers value to a retailer via its planning and optimization capabilities:

  • Single forecast. Provides all departments with a common forecast to drive your enterprise.
  • Reduced inventory. Ensures accurate forecast is driving stock levels in order to avoid lost sales, reduce excess inventory, and minimize markdowns.
  • Improved efficiency. Streamlines the forecasting process by allowing you to treat groups of locations and products as one. Processes data quickly and highlights potential problems.


Typical Demand Forecasting KPI’s

  • Provides a single forecast to drive the entire retail enterprise
  • Creates accurate forecasts with little human interaction
  • Uses statistical time-series forecasting algorithms and state-of-the-art modeling techniques
  • Basis for improved inventory productivity

Exclusive to Veltio, New Product Forecasting (NPF) is a state-of-the-art methodology that uses embedded technology to automate and optimize new product planning decisions in a platform that is fully controlled by the client.  As the tech leader throughout retail for over 10 years, Veltio often looks beyond the industry to push the boundaries of retail automation. NPF applies DNA-matching science to retail giving planning systems more power than ever before.  With this cutting-edge technology, Veltio NPF eliminates manual processes by generating automated forecasts for new inventory while providing increased accuracy and insight.

NPF analyzes all information available for new products such as price, fabric, color, brand, etc. and continuously updates forecasts for never-before sold products with minimal human intervention.  Not only does this dramatically improve the planning of new inventory, but the automated tool continuously optimizes itself and gets smarter with each new week of data.

New Product Forecasting also digs into store-level behavior with more granularity than ever before.  The extra analysis provides automated creation of accurate allocations, size splits and assortments.  When combined with Veltio APX, NPF increases efficiencies across the planning process and provides an additional tool for market and business analysis.

Having been deployed across the globe, New Product Forecasting is quickly establishing itself as the gold standard in New Product Forecasting and automation.  Built on the Oracle Retail platform and compatible with its other applications, Veltio NPF is a must-have for fast-paced and traditional planning teams alike.


AIP Benefits

Retail success demands that one manage inventory, improve service and increase sales . . . all at the same time. Inventory is one of the highest cost areas of the business, and one of the most difficult areas to manage. In an industry where decisions are based on trend data and on consumer likes and dislikes, implementing a scientific approach to managing inventory has proven to make a valuable difference. Oracle AIP forecasts demand across all channels to guide a constraint- based, time-phased inventory ordering, allocation, replenishment and delivery plan to all levels of the distribution network. In the hands of Veltio’s experts, this solution plans and executes inventory positioning at the right place at the right time, from suppliers to warehouses to stores to customers.

 Typical Advanced Inventory Planning KPI’s

  • Fulfill customer demand profitably with lowered inventory levels
  • Enhance business users’ productivity and decision-making
  • Improve replenishment order and inventory management processes and metrics
  • Enhance vendor relationships
  • Improve distribution resource utilization

Veltio APX is a set of RPAS components developed by Veltio that provide advanced allocation, replenishment and execution functionality.  Exclusive to Veltio, this cutting-edge retail science can allocate stock to stores using simple or complex packs while optimizing ROI.

Veltio APX calculates order quantities at multiple tiers of the supply chain and can build purchase order quantities at all tiers to be executed by downstream systems. With the ability to directly integrate with other RPAS-based systems like Oracle Assortment Planning and / or Retail Demand Forecasting in a single deployment, Veltio APX provides our clients with an easy-to-use tool that offers increased automation that can automatically determine the product lifecycle, size and/or store split and initial allocation quantities to supply the supply chain.

 Typical Veltio APX KPI’s

  • Reduce user workload through Automation
  • Automatically send products to the right stores
  • Automatically replenish
  • Automatically react to customer behavior
  • Optimize execution

Supply chain complexity puts pressure on the retailer to make sure the replenishment process remains smooth and efficient. The challenge for retailers is to consistently satisfy customers, who want to find the quantity of merchandise they want, where they want and when they want it. Veltio has acquired an unsurpassed understanding of the complexities of the ordering process.  Oracle Replenishment Optimization (RO) improves inventory management processes with automated, optimized replenishment control and constraint settings that address inventory availability issues throughout the connected supply chain. The sophisticated system, installed and customized by Veltio’s experts, examines alternatives, recommends revised system settings, employs exception-based management and provides what-if scenario analysis. Veltio’s experts have extensive experience eliminating supply chain inefficiencies for companies such as Vodafone and Dinosol (which led to a $25M one time reduction of inventory.)

 Typical Replenishment Optimization KPI’s

  • Reduces inventory and improves inventory turns
  • Improves merchandise sell-through
  • Increases in-stock availability and customer service levels
  • Decreases markdowns, obsolescence, and waste
  • Increases replenishment system user’s efficiency


Accurately forecasting each item’s life cycle in your inventory is a crucial, yet often under-emphasized piece of organizational retail strategy.  At Veltio, we specialize in configuring applications with complex retail mathematics that are easy for your organization to use and understand.

Veltio’s Retail Science applications have consistently driven ROI and improved margins for our clients.  Applications Markdown Optimization and Clearance Optimization provide a clear window on when, how and where to mark your inventory down in order to complete its life-cycle while generating maximum profit.  Veltio’s cutting-edge configurations can provide improved pre and in-season workflow planning while simultaneously analyzing an optimizing price planning scenario.

Typical Markdown and Clearance Optimization KPI’s

  • 5-15% increase in gross margins
  • 5-20% improvement in sell through
  • Increased inventory turns
  • Improved accuracy in item planning via automated decision-making
  • Improved achievement of top-down and merchandise area targets and objectives

Oracle’s Retail Price Optimization (RPO) solution calculates and delivers optimized everyday prices to maximize margin, sales volume, revenue and competitive price. The solution’s robust what-if scenario planning for multiple side-by-side comparisons of price strategies allows retailers to align item prices with company goals to maximize financial performance. Companies can also:

  • Predict impact for item and category, accounting for halo effects & cannibalization
  • Support a standardized process and what-if analysis via flexible business rules and easy user interface
  • Leverage a common RPAS planning platform that provides a fully integrated centralized solution

Veltio has extensive experience with the Oracle Pricing and Markdown Optimization solution and its predecessor, ProfitLogic Price. Our experts can customize the solution to very specific needs, getting the most value from this already-advanced solution.

Typical Retail Price Optimization KPI’s

  • Increase gross margin dollars by 3-5%
  • Increase sales by 2-5%
  • Drive localized, more profitable and easier everyday pricing decisions
  • Respond intelligently to competitor pricing strategies
  • Ensure pricing recommendations adhere to core business rules
  • Make pricing decisions in context of enterprise planning objectives
  • Get forecasts integrated with overall enterprise demand forecast