Veltio automates and optimizes data-driven retail business processes with best-in-class software and services. We have one of the largest dedicated Retail Planning and Optimization consulting practices worldwide and are the global market leader for the Oracle Retail Planning platform.


Our clients represent many of the world’s best and biggest retailers; organizations that are recognized for their success and professionalism. And they expect the same from the companies they partner with when it comes to process automation and system development.

Veltio consultants possess deep industry expertise across a diverse range of retail organizations and verticals. We understand the challenges of implementing new planning and optimization systems into a business and work closely with our client’s Business and IT experts to help them identify commercial opportunities and goals. We then partner with them to provide full project life-cycle services, effectively orchestrating all aspects of the project, from process reengineering through system design, development and optimization. We are on hand to assess the change management needs of the organization and develop the most effective training to ensure full adoption of the new processes and technology. And finally we transition into dedicated long-term support in production.

We are proud to have delivered some of the world’s largest retail planning, optimization and supply chain projects for some of the world’s best and biggest retailers. And we have done so on time and on budget. Every client is a reference.


Veltio combines retail expertise with strong science and analytics to provide effective retail software solutions that can automate and optimize retail business processes on time and on budget. Our technology consultants have multiple science and engineering degrees and we have more PhDs on board than most university research labs. Indeed, our Solution Center is accredited as a European Union Research Organization and we have won multiple EU research programs.

Our scientists and engineers have developed several value-added analytics tools for real, every-day retail problems. More importantly, we have tested and run these solutions on massive amounts of real data from some of the world’s top retailers and have achieved tangible, measurable business benefits. We don’t just innovate on retail technology for retailers, we innovate with retailers.


Today’s retail industry is saturated with solution providers. Many companies are using multiple internal and external applications to execute their retail strategies. Team constraints, organizational growth and multiple systems add complexity when choosing to invest in new technology.

From platform configuration to user adoption, Veltio are experts in seamless integration. We have been on the cutting-edge of retail science for over a decade. Over that time, our consultants have gained valuable experience – not only with our own technologies, but also with competing systems. Veltio’s internal knowledge allows us to offer cost-effective, high-efficiency development capabilities that maximize your return on investment.


Oracle Retail and Veltio have partnered to offer Managed Client Services aimed at providing the same industry-leading Oracle Retail & Planning Optimization Integrations to clients on flexible terms. Along with our popular Value Added Services, Veltio is now offering Managed Application Services in order to provide the industry’s best application support to every retail organization in the industry.

Getting the most out of your IT investments is a significant challenge for all businesses and even more so for data-driven retail planning and optimization systems. Deployments of new systems, data analysis and data mining, essential for keeping ahead of the competition, are often prohibitively expensive as well as a significant drain on business and IT resources. Then there is the complexity of support and maintenance, not just for the software itself, but also for the data that drives it and the business processes they deliver to.

With Veltio Managed Client Services these problems go away. We provide a comprehensive yet flexible set of services to maximize your software and data assets. Our team of technology and analytics specialists will work with you to provide:

  • Full Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) capability of planning and optimization systems, supporting not just your application architecture, but also the delivery of essential business processes
  • Comprehensive data analysis and data mining services to help you maintain application performance and process efficiencies
  • Access to our on-going R&D efforts and latest analytics tools
  • On-demand functional support and learning facilities for your business teams
  • On-going data analysis and maintenance of science-driven applications for optimum effectiveness
  • The scalability you need to enhance or expand your solutions
  • A Service Desk to support both technical and functional enhancements as well as a process for continually measuring end-user satisfaction



In order to fully optimize planning and supply chain operations, retailers are increasingly turning to complex science-based solutions that require a unique combination of skills to achieve maximum benefit. Skills that bring together a detailed understanding of the solution being implemented, a thorough knowledge of all aspects of the retail business and sound grounding in the science. Not surprisingly this broad range of capabilities is not something most retailers find within their own organization. In Veltio we are able to offer unparalleled experience in delivering complex science driven processes to drive realizable ROI. These include:

  • Forecast Optimization – Monitoring and adjusting of the forecasting system in order to drive ever more accurate forecasts at whatever level is required
  • Replenishment Optimization – Complete management of the replenishment parameters in order to optimize stock distribution across the supply chain on an on-going basis.
  • Price and Markdown Optimization – maintenance of price elasticities for existing merchandise, mapping of elasticities to new products, creation of optimum pricing and markdown schedules
  • Fully optimized size profiles for fashion retailers. Veltio will take all necessary data and provide fully optimized size and pack profiles for pre-defined planning and buying periods.