We are the leading consultancy for re-engineering planning and supply chain functions in fashion retail, combining deep industry knowledge with the application of science and innovation. Whether you are looking to drive targeted business goals such as enhancing your assortment planning capabilities or reducing terminal stocks through more accurate allocation and replenishment, or you have broader aims like the end-to-end replacement of an outdated planning process or supply chain system, Veltio has the experience and know-how to help you succeed.

Veltio is on the leading edge of fashion retail technology with breakthrough innovations in new product forecasting, optimized store allocations, automated size profile and prepack optimization, automated replenishment and much more.

Veltio’s Principal Consultants are all retail veterans who built their careers solving the same types of challenges our clients face today. Combining our team’s experience with state-of-the-art retail technology, we have partnered with fashion retailers of all sizes to deliver tangible process improvements and rapid ROI through the implementation of systems that seamlessly merge advanced scientific analytics with streamlined time saving processes and ease of use.

Visit VELTIO MAX website. A solution we develop for fashion retail with Oracle.



Veltio’s depth of knowledge in the grocery sector is quite simply without rival. We have worked with most of the top grocery retailers in the world – including Tesco, Carrefour, Kroger, Ahold and Sainsbury’s – to deliver cutting edge supply chain planning and execution solutions.

We recognize the challenges faced by the grocery retailer – time critical processes; complex distribution networks; rapid stock turn; perishable inventory; the management of Big Data. Perhaps nowhere else in retail does the smart application of advanced analytics and science return such an instant benefit to the bottom line.

Over the years we have successfully partnered with grocers to develop and introduce critical margin-generating technologies which have now been combined into Veltio MAX for Grocery. Whether your goal is to save millions in reducing wastage, drive efficiency through improved promotional planning, or target growth through availability, Veltio can bring proven experience and capability to help you deliver.



If there is one thing we recognize in Veltio it’s that not all retailers fit neatly into a pre-defined ‘box’. This is never more true than when it comes to specialty traders; retailers that are neither strict fashion houses, nor FMCG grocery businesses. Industries like Telco, Jewelry, Home Goods, often have their own specific needs that are little understood by those who have not worked in these areas, but that are critical to the success of any new system implementation.

Veltio has experience in Telecommunications with clients like AT&T and Vodafone, Jewelry with Sterling Jewelers, Home Goods with Orscheln Farm & Home and many more specialized retailers. We understand the unique challenges that each of these areas face, whether it is the accurate forecasting of raw materials – like diamonds and gold to produce rings – or dealing with the planning and distribution of high fashion technology products like cell phones and SIM packages, and have successfully developed custom solutions and processes that deliver.